The Community Vision of Wildflower Meadows and a Biodiverse Wildlife Site

Caerwent Community Council is the nominated lease holder for the grounds from CADW, and ENC sublease from Caerwent CC and accepts the responsibility to conserve biodiversity.

Consequently, we are proactively managing the land and resources for the benefit of wildlife and the conservation of flora. This is achieved in many ways including, woodland management, grassland management, the minimal use of chemicals and the recycling of green waste. Where it is possible, we will endeavour to use native species within new planting schemes; whilst recognising the potential for expanding the pollination calendar availability by using non-natives too.

The grounds have a limited but diverse range of habitats and ecosystems that require judicious management in order to maintain them. There are legislative measures that must be adhered to so as to ensure that the management principles are sympathetic to the environment.

Maintaining and increasing the biodiversity within the grounds is a key aim of the development and maintenance strategy for the site.

Identifying what we have

Developing and Maintaining

Benefits to the community