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A Caerwent Community Project

Our Aim

It is our intention to convert two Cadw* fields, which are currently scrubland, into species rich and biodeverse environments.

We will be engaing with the community of Caerwent by encouraging them to join in with events that help to develop and maintain the areas, so they can be enjoyed by all.

We will be running fundraising events (when Covid-19 allows) to help us complete various projects for the meadows and for the Caerwent Roman Town Community.

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*Cadw is the Welsh Government's Historic Environment Service.
Our Strategy

We intend to cut, bail and remove the grass in the basillica field and to graze the widows field - read our full stategy here

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Our Purpose

In creating the meadows we hope to unite the southern and northern parts of our historic Roman town and make it a complete experience for the whole community

About Us

We are a constituted, qualified and experienced, community-led group of volunteers set up to restore, create, develop and maintain sustainable wildflower meadows and a wildlife site for local residents and visitors

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Community Benefits

This project will enhance the Cadw monument and in doing so will provide a peaceful and tranquil environment for the communitywhilst nurturing wellbeing and inclusion

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Wildflower Meadows and Wildlife Site

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This year we were able to top both fields in early April and to cut, bail and remove the grass from the Basillica Field and the Orchard(Post Office Field). We hope to graze the Widows Field from October 2021.

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We would like to involve all local people in this project, as the fields are for all of to use and enjoy. Look out for the events on the Caerwent Community Council Website

Our Facebook Page,

the Post Office and the Coach and Horses Pub.

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Seed Selection

We hope to encourage the indegenious wildflowers to return, we'll support this with locally sourced seeds. We encourage the whole community to get involved in collecting wildflower seeds from their own gardens

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Wildflower meadows abundant with indegeniuos grasses and fowers as well as a wildlife enriched environment

Wildlife Site

By encouraging wildflowers and developing specific areas we will encourage more diverse wildlife


We hope to provide plenty of opportunities for education including QR codes and interpretation boards. We also hope to encourage schools and other interested groups to come and learn more about the site.

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We hope that various events we hold throughout the year to develop the meadows will provide oppotunities for the whole community to get involved in the project


Health and well being is at the heart of our project and we will actively seek to include as many people as possible to help and share in its success.

Support for local groups

We will encourage and support local groups who want to use the meadows for suitable events that in themselves are inclusive.

We have always enjoyed using these fields to walk around, we have a dog who loves running and playing in relative safety. It will be fantastic when the meadows are developed and we're really looking forward to strolling through them - it will be wonderfully relaxing and tranquil.

A local resident